First Ethno-Tourism Festival

Boruca – December 14th, 2013

“Since ancient times, the drums, shells and flutes are typical instruments played along the chanteys representing our Brunca spirituality and joy.”


Photo by Dagmar Reinhard

Ismaël González Rojas is the president of CATORBRU (Chamber of Tourism for the Brunca Region Native Territories) covering the southeast of Costa Rica. This association brings salitre, Cavegre, Curré, Térraba, la Casona, and Boruca regions together; it was created in 2012 with the specific purpose of strengthening the “Ethno-Tourism” also known as indigenous tourism.

Ismaël Gonzalez is a young Brunca community leader; he is the son of Don Ismael lazaro Gonzalez, the master of Boruca masks and Doña Margarita, and he is a brother of the well-known artist and painter Melvin, aka K-mel.

The Chamber promotes equal development within all the communities and mutual respect among all ethnic groups.

They are organizing the 1st Ethno-Tourism Festival under the slogan “Redirecting your roots.” It will take place in each one of the villages’ members of the association, and it will go from December 11 to 15, this year.

There will be workshops and exhibitions where each town will display representative samples of the tremendous cultural diversity.
On December 14th, the Festival will be held in Boruca. There will be an expo gallery of photography and books, an exhibit of bows, drums, masks, gourds, and of course textiles. In the community hall, they will be offering delicious traditional food and drinks.

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