Market: First Anniversary of EL MERCADO

Anniversary Aniversario Market Mercado Philippe

In December 2018, the market “El MERCADO“ celebrated its first anniversary in the presence of many buyers, visitors and artists like Phil Swain, Gabi Camino and Ellie Dufresne who cheered the party on with their music. Costa Rica is a country where opportunities for entrepreneurship and the freedom to create new projects for travel, study, life plans and / or businesses are  bound. The atmosphere you breathe here oxygenates the ideas and thus the magic begins, contributing important initiatives for a united and prosperous community. Many people in one place and with common goals can develop activities of their own as well as a collective benefit.

It was this motivation that led Tamipa Osa, a Costa Rican women’s duo, to come up with a plan to give Bahia Ballena a meeting point for local food, art and gastronomy exhibition where tourists could be face to face with the person who is behind the product of their interest. Sometimes the language barrier makes communication difficult; however, there is a lot of positive energy, smiles, and endeavors to learn new languages and cultures; simply by communicating with people beyond their creeds and nationalities.

Behind the curtain of this activity, there are also people and companies that strengthen the process with their support. On Wednesdays you can listen to the music of the talented artists, try the delicious and varied food; observe the creation of a painting or the creation of some artisan jewelry, in appreciation of hours of effort, expressions of being, love and a lot of courage: details that enrich its elaboration.

It is important to emphasize a great thank you to all the exhibitors for their dedication and effort to participate every Wednesday bringing variety, art and freshness, as well as all the musicians who have accompanied us during this year, entertaining the market “El MERCADO“ and sharing their wonderful talent. ■

By Sandra Aguilar

CONTACT: Sandra Aguilar - TAMIPA DE OSA -

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