Find Love at Kitty City

by Sue Hains and Susan Strong

Kitty City, Looking for Love

Visit DAWG’s Kitty City, a small town and home to about 35 residents. It wasn’t so long ago, when DAWG’s adoptable cats we’re housed in three small cages. Then we kept getting more and more kittens and there wasn’t room for everybody! With money from donors, Kitty City was built However, there was a need for even more space Individual homes for new comers, mamas with babies, and those who are ill; in other words, those needing to be quarantined. So now we have the Kitty City Quarantine Annex, where there is housing for those who need temporary and pecial care.

Don’t know where Kitty city is?

It’s in the back yard of Centro Veterinario Costa Ballena, in Uvita, 200 meters south of the gas station.

How about some Kitty Info?
Currently we have kittens from 2 months old to 3years old, orange marmalades, blackand white tuxedos, all black Halloween cats,tricolor calicos, tabby’s in all colors, tapestry cats, and an almost all white cat with a black patch over her eye - named “Pirata!”
Looking for a special love?

Find Love at Kitty City 1Visit Kitty City on Adoption Day (every Saturday,) sit in a chair, and see who comes to you. That’s the cat you are looking for, the one brave enough to pat your leg, jump into your lap, and gaze into your eyes, saying, «choose me, adopt me!”

All the kitties for adoption have had their vaccinations and either are neutered or will be when they are old enough.

For information about how to make a donation, adopt or foster a dog or cat, or volunteer, see below...

CONTACT: “How to Help” page on Facebook or at

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