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Do we question what happens to our trash once we throw it in the bin? Whether it’s taken away in a truck, or to a collection center; once out of sight, out of mind…then no longer our problem! In the spirit of the New Year, a time of reflection and renewal, we at Feria Tinamastes propose to our community, local and global, that our trash is our problem and our duty to address it. As we journey towards a life of holistic health in harmony with Nature,  acknowledging waste is important.

Nothing in the environment goes unused. When in balance, Nature is a constant cycle of life, death and regeneration. So let us then look to Nature as our guide and also develop a cyclical system to reuse products already existing amongst us, rather than buying single-use disposables. Here at Feria Tinamastes, our vendors are transitioning to more ecological forms of packaging. However, to create a flourishing ecosystem, we must all play our part. Therefore, we’d like to introduce the “Solutions Table”: our initial step to a less wasteful market and community.

If you have fabrics, clothes, jars, or other containers cluttering your life, please donate them to be repurposed. Many buyers already bring large fabric  bags, but what about smaller sizes for loose items like cherry tomatoes or green beans? We’ll turn the gifted cloth into various size bags for that purpose. Reusable jars and containers are also great ways to transport your products home. So, next Tuesday if you have questions about how to reduce your shopping waste, please visit our “Solutions Table” at the market's entrance. We’re here to help. For a nominal price you’ll acquire items that will serve you well for years. Any of the profits will cycle back into further solutions for the community. We look forward to seeing you. Cheers to 2019 and a less wasteful world!

By Skye Van Rensselaer


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