Experiencing this Wondrous Pacific Zone

~ by Jeane Brennan

The rice fields dotting the Osa Peninsula are in the process of being harvested, and trucks hauling tons of palm oil fruit are seen every day heading to the processing plants.

Oxen, huge and strong, pulling carts of the fruit are a common site along the roadway.

This time of year is when travelers from all over the world are experiencing Costa Rica and this remarkable southern Pacific zone. Pristine beaches, gorgeous jungle waterfalls, fishing, animals only seen in picture books, and remarkable mangrove forests are at one’s fingertips in the Osa Peninsula. And this tranquil town of Sierpe is the platform to begin experiencing these awesome wonders. 

In Sierpe, the various business establishments have information for a tour that fits the needs of specific requests. Nighttime ecotours, Sierpe river tours, diving and snorkeling around protected Caño Island, hiking at the world-renowned Corcovado National Park, and fishing with Sierpe’s talented captains offer incredible adventures.

Experiencing this Wondrous Pacific Zone - Ballena Tales The Magazine

You cannot go wrong. 

However, on the way to Sierpe, it is very easy to drive by and miss Finca 6, a World Heritage Archaeological Site, and the wellappointed museum which delves into the mystery of the stone spheres. Spread throughout the Diquís Delta and on Caño Island, the mysterious spheres of Costa Rica have fascinated scientists since their discovery in the 1930's. 

Years ago, while preparing the land to plant bananas, the Costa Rica Banana Company made interesting discoveries. Its bulldozers kept hitting and uncovering huge boulder-like objects. They were made of gabbro, the coarse-grained equivalent of basalt, or limestone and have become a historic archeological landmark of this area. The spheres range from a few inches to even 3 ft. in diameter, and weigh up to 16 tons. Researchers believe they were sculpted between 200 B.C. and 1500 A.D.

These sites and the natural wonders of the Osa Peninsula, are a precious piece of this area’s identity and source of pride. 

INFO: Jeane Brennan - www.sierpecostarica.net

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