Everyone Has A Story

Everyone Has A Story

Author: Beth Sylver

In 2012, one of my yoga students invited me to join her for an upcoming retreat she had planned. She was in a difficult position because her “Exercise Person” couldn’t join her, and she wanted me to go to complete her team. I asked her when and where this retreat would be happening. She replied, “Next week, in Costa Rica.”

Costa Rica, I thought to myself… Where is that? How can I say no to this fantastic opportunity? So, I said yes!

The minute my feet hit the beach in Guanacaste, I felt a sensation that is hard to describe. Somehow, my heart told me that this country would someday be my home.

When I returned from my amazing adventure, I told my husband we needed to return to Costa Rica as soon as possible. I felt a strong calling to come back, and I knew that we had some exploring to do together. We made plans and returned in April of 2013. We began our travels in the Northern region of the country and ended our journey in Uvita. 

Everyone Has A Story

Once my feet touched the sandy beach of Playa Hermosa, I felt that feeling again, only 1,000 times stronger. This place, right here, will be our future home. 

We visited a few more times over the next two years and checked out other areas of the country, some of them very remote. We chose different times of the year to see how the seasons and weather conditions changed. Every time I got on the plane to head back to the US, it became harder and harder to leave. 

After many lengthy discussions, we made the grand decision to sell the farm and move to Costa Rica! So, we did!

In early February 2015, we began packing up our world and saying goodbye to family and dear friends. I had a wish to be officially moved to our new home in Costa Rica before Valentine’s Day. We made that wish come true, and I cannot believe that this February 14th will be our 7th Valentine’s Day living in the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to.

Some of you reading this might be having similar feelings or thoughts. My recommendation is to visit here many times and imagine “living” here and not being on vacation. Take your time with your decision, and follow your heart!

Hotel 360

Hier im Hotel 360 bemühen wir uns, jedem unserer Gäste einen außergewöhnlichen Service zu bieten und sind stolz auf unsere 5-Sterne-Bewertung bei TripAdvisor. Oberhalb des malerischen Ortes Ojochal ist eine traumhaftes Luxusresort entstanden. Das auf […]

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Revista Ballena. Bicentennial of Independence

Comprehensive Magazine #80, South Pacific Costa Rica, Bicentennial of Independence

Congratulations to Costa Rica on its Bicentennial of Independence! From its foundation in 1821, a guideline for conduct determined that Costa Rica “recognizes and respects civil liberties, property, and other legitimate national rights of every person and any state or nation.” The country
has proven that it can live in peace, freely and democratically, even with limited economic resources and facing significant challenges while respecting the environment.

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Restaurante Citrus - Costa muy rica

Restaurante Citrus – Costa muy Rica

RESTAURANTE CITRUS – COSTA MUY RICA If you believed that Costa Rican cuisine is made up of rice and beans, then chef Marcella Marciano and her collaborators, chefs Fabián Barrantes and Jose Calderón, managed to […]

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Tips for protecting your home


Tips for protecting your home: , Gutters must be cleaned. Make sure your landscaper is doing that during every visit (minimum twice per month), especially during the rainy season. Water mitigation starts with landscaping. Take care when changing the landscaping of a property – especially if you want to change slopes/grades. Don’t plant trees too close to your home. If they are already planted, make sure the limbs are cut back to decrease the probability of debris falling onto the roof.  
Install “alcantarillas” (concrete tubes typically used under roads and driveways) to help the water keep moving. 
Study where your downspouts/rain chains end. Do they go onto the ground? Ideally, a concrete catch box will be connected to buried plastic pipes guiding the water into a more extensive water system.  
Plant appropriate plants and trees in the proper locations.
Keep all drainage clean of debris. Have your landscaper/property manager check them. 

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The delicious Pancito Café in Ojochal 3

The delicious Pancito Café in Ojochal

The delicious Pancito Café in Ojochal Author: Dagmar Reinhard Philippe and Mireille, owners of Pancito Cafe, are well known in Ojochal. Early in the morning, delicious aromas emanate from the place, the smell of fresh […]

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