Envision Experience: Four Unforgettable Days

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Six months ago I left my home country, Germany, to discover Central America. My journey started in Costa Rica with an internship at the Ballena Tales Magazine where I worked for 3 months. After that I traveled to Guatemala, where I visited the ruins of the Mayas, took a ride in a colorful “chicken bus,” and strolled through Antigua´s cobblestone streets. My next destination was Belize where I achieved my diving license at the world’s second largest barrier reef. Then I traveled north to Mexico to explore the mystical “cenotes” (amazing natural underground pits) in the Peninsula of Yucatan.

I had an amazing time but one experience was still missing: The Envision Festival in Uvita. So I traveled back to where my journey started and four unforgettable days were waiting for me. When I arrived at the Festival site, I was overwhelmed by impressions. There was a colorful mix of art, music, and people from different cultures. The event took place in a former ranch in the jungle which meets the Pacific Ocean. The four different scenarios decorated with great imagination presented all kinds of music. There was an impressive art gallery and lounges where you could drink tea, relax and have some good conversation.

During the day, workshops about Yoga, aesthetic dance, and Meditation were offered. In the aesthetic dance workshop, I learned to express my feelings through movements. It was amazing to see people dancing in harmony with their environment and with themselves. Another highlight was a shaman cacao ceremony which gave me enough energy to enjoy the stimulating mix of music until the daybreak. Everybody got together at the beach to celebrate the sunrise and nature’s awakening. I gained a lot of inspiration at the Festival and learned about spirituality, health and regenerative strategies. Envision is the perfect blend of art, music and education. I could not imagine a better ending of my journey throughout Central America.

Text & photo: Magdalena Steinmann

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