By Leonie Ruhland

Ballena Tales joined the magic; it became part of the color, the passion, and the creativity.

The 4th Envision festival, took place in the idyllic neighborhood of Uvita. Hundreds of envisionaries worldwide gathered once again to celebrate life, and they found a perfect place beyond imagination.

Thanks to the great work of Envision´s staff and volunteers, we felt as if we were stepping into not one, but into many different worlds; each one lit up with gorgeous illumination.

140223-envision-1Around many stages designed with creative materials, fascinating people from around the world listened to the outstanding concerts. The food stands offered a wide variety of gastronomic delights; galleries displayed beautifully crafted art, and a 20 m-high tower, made of bamboo, provided a spectacular view over the whole scene.

This festival reminds us to go in search for our happiness, celebrate life to the fullest, especially simple things such as tasting a sweet papaya, or breathe in the sunrise at five in the morning at a deserted beach.

Many of us, residents of Costa Ballena, have become so used to our paradise that we tend to forget why thousands of people come to visit every year.


Envision opened up many hearts and painted a wide smile on everybody’s face.


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