Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

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An exclusive habitat, sanctuary, and rehabilitation center for Costa Rica´s precious wildlife.
Above Villas Alturas, 7 km South of Dominical
San Martin Norte
Tel. +(506) 2200 5440
Mail to: wildlifesanctuary 

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization and 100% of your donation is used to feed the animals, provide them with veterinary care, buy supplies, and keep the sanctuary in motion. Hotel Villas Alturas is proud of being a part of this noble cause and sincerely appreciates your help since this kind of project can´t succeed without the help of people like you!

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The wildlife sanctuary's mission is to help preserve wildlife in southern Costa Rica through its rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction to the wild; it also provides a home to animals unable to return to its natural habitat due to permanent disability or excessive domestication. The Sanctuary receives wild animals through its partnership with government entities such as MINAET and SINAC (Costa Rica´s official government wildlife care offices).

Another goal of the sanctuary is to educate and foster the appreciation for the wildlife. Through the interaction with the educational system, the sanctuary expects to promote the development of the next generation of biologists, veterinarians, naturalists, and ecologists.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary - Osa, South Pacific Costa Rica, #alturas #wildlife #sanctuary #costaballenalovers #ballenatales (8)

The director Mike Graeber has more than 40 years experience in wildlife rehabilitation and has become an important figure for the sanctuary. For the last few years, attorney Dannia Segura has been his right hand.

The sanctuary has a care and learning center which is available to the public.

As part of our fundraising activities to keep the sanctuary in motion, we offer a guided tour, read more >>>

If you are an animal lover, you could help in any of the following ways:

1. Inform your friends of our project.
2. Make a one-time contribution or make a monthly commitment. We receive new animals every week.
3. Sponsor a habitat and be remembered
Platinum: $1,000
Gold: $500
Silver: $300
Bronze: $150

Support us, Pay Pal link

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Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

We Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release the abandoned, injured, or over domesticated precious animals of Costa Rica! If you love animals, come check us out. You will have an opportunity to learn about and help animals you would likely not have the opportunity to encounter in the wild. As a non profit organization, we think its important for you to know that 100% of your donation is going to feed, care for, give veterinary care, improve habitats and so much more. One of biggest passions other than rescuing, is educating our youth. We have a learning center where school children can come and learn why they should care, how they can protect and to spread the word. There are so many ways you can help and here are a few: monetary donation of any amount, supplies, food, your time, your skills, your love! Please contact us for more details and reservations!

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary2 days ago

Thank you Tisha Valverde Westwood & Kenneth Valverde Martinez from Learning Adventure Tours and Providence St. Joseph Health once again for your generous medical supply donation!
We are now fully stocked on sterile gauzes, swabs & solar lanterns! Thanks a million, all will be put to good use! It's altruistic souls like yours that allow us to do what we do.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

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We couldn't do the important work we do without the help of volunteers. These two extraordinary women, Lydia Katsis​ and Alyssa Loewen​, worked as our Volunteer Supervisor and Volunteer Coordinator for the last 5 months. They helped to oversee everything from animal care, digital marketing, enrichment, graphic design, and much, much more. We are so grateful to each of them, for their dedication, passion and hard work. They will be dearly missed.
Thank you Alyssa and Lydia for all that you did for the sanctuary and the animals. We know you will continue to do amazing work and we hope to see you back here again soon.

No sería posible hacer el trabajo que hacemos sin la ayuda de voluntarios. Estas dos mujeres extraordinarias, Lydia Katsis y Alyssa Loewen, trabajaron como coordinadora y supervisora de voluntarios durante los últimos 5 meses. Nos ayudaron a llevar a cabo todo desde cuidado animal, marketing digital, enriquecimiento, diseño gráfico y mucho más. Les estamos muy agradecidos por su dedicación, pasión y duro trabajo. Se les echará mucho de menos.
Gracias Alyssa y Lydia por todo lo que habéis hecho por el santuario y los animales. Sabemos que seguiréis haciendo un estupendo trabajo allá donde vayáis y esperamos volver a veros pronto.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

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Yesterday we received a very exciting case. An adult female Ocelot, suffering from injuries due to an auto accident was brought to our center by a group of tourists. She is a very lucky girl. Our #VetTeam did a physical exam and x-rays and found that the only injury she suffered was a fractured canine. She had a surgery, is recovering quickly and should be back in to the wild soon. We are very happy for her because most of the animals that get hit by cars don't survive. Stay tuned!

Ayer recibimos un caso muy emocionante. Una hembra de Ocelote adulta, la cual fue golpeada por un carro en la costanera y fue traída a nuestro centro por un grupo de turistas. Ella es una chica suertuda, nuestro #EquipoVeterinario realizó un examen general y radiografías las cuales revelaron que únicamente sufrió una fractura en el canino superior. Una cirugía fue realizada para extraer el canino y ahora se encuentra en recuperación y estará lista para ser liberada pronto. Estamos muy felices ya que la mayoría de los animales atropellados en carretera no sobreviven. Mantente sintonizado!

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

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Since high season began we are receiving a growing number of daily emergencies, most of them being animals hit by cars. More people means more traffic and therefore more chances of wildlife getting hit by cars. Please be responsible and drive with care, follow the speed limits and don't drive under the influence of drugs, alcohol or while tired.
This is Peggy, a female anteater that got hit by a car. She suffered two broken elbows but luckily we expect a full recovery!
The #VetTeam put a pin in her right elbow to place her lateral humeral condyle in its place whilst bandaging with a splint the left elbow where part of the medial condyle broke off. Even though the injuries were severe, she was using both her arms before surgery and eating with a good apetite after, so her prognosis is good.

Desde que comenzó la temporada alta recibimos cada día más emergencias, en su mayoría atropellos. Más gente significa más tráfico y por lo tanto más posibilidades de que se atropelle a fauna salvaje. Por favor sean responsables y respeten los límites de velocidad, no manejen bajo los efectos de drogas o alcohol ni cuando estén cansados.
Esta es Peggy, una osa hormiguera que fue atropellada. Le rompieron ambos codos pero por suerte ¡esperamos que se recupere completamente!
Nuestro #EquipoVeterinario le colocó un pin para estabilizar la fractura del cóndilo humeral lateral de su codo derecho mientras la fractura parcial del cóndilo medial de su codo izquierdo se inmobilizó mediante un vendaje con férula. A pesar de la severidad de las lesiones, estaba usando ambos brazos bien antes de la cirugía y comiendo con apetito después por lo que tiene un buen pronóstico.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

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Want to volunteer to help save Costa Rica's wildlife? We are always looking for skilled people to help with Fundraising, Marketing/Writing and Graphic Design. If you are interested in donating some hours to help the sanctuary, please get in touch via email: #TeamAlturas thanks you for your support!

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

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Meet Toño, our newest arrival. A Mexican dwarf porcupine. Toño was found in Manuel Antonio National Park with several abscesses and a severe case of mange. Now, he is healing beautifully in our veterinary clinic. His treatment today included a disinfecting bath which he was slightly resistant to, but afterward he stopped scratching and obviously felt a whole lot better. Tonio is well on his way to recovery and is a great candidate for release. We'll keep you posted.
Conozcamos a Toño nuestro recién llegado. Un puercoespín mexicano. Toño fue encontrado en el parque nacional Manuel Antonio con muchos abscesos y un caso severo de sarna. Ahora el se esta recuperando en nuestra clínica veterinaria. El tratamiento de hoy incluyó un baño antibacterial a el cual él mostro poca resistencia, luego de esto la picazón se detuvo y obviamente se siente mucho mejor. Toño va muy bien en su camino a la recuperación y es un gran candidato a ser liberado tan pronto esté sano. Los mantendremos al tanto.