Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

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An exclusive habitat, sanctuary, and rehabilitation center for Costa Rica´s precious wildlife.
Above Villas Alturas, 7 km South of Dominical
San Martin Norte
Tel. +(506) 2200 5440
Mail to: wildlifesanctuary

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization and 100% of your donation is used to feed the animals, provide them with veterinary care, buy supplies, and keep the sanctuary in motion. Hotel Villas Alturas is proud of being a part of this noble cause and sincerely appreciates your help since this kind of project can´t succeed without the help of people like you!

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary - Osa, South Pacific Costa Rica, #alturas #wildlife #sanctuary #costaballenalovers #ballenatales (10)

The wildlife sanctuary's mission is to help preserve wildlife in southern Costa Rica through its rescue, rehabilitation, and reintroduction to the wild; it also provides a home to animals unable to return to its natural habitat due to permanent disability or excessive domestication. The Sanctuary receives wild animals through its partnership with government entities such as MINAET and SINAC (Costa Rica´s official government wildlife care offices).

Another goal of the sanctuary is to educate and foster the appreciation for the wildlife. Through the interaction with the educational system, the sanctuary expects to promote the development of the next generation of biologists, veterinarians, naturalists, and ecologists.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary - Osa, South Pacific Costa Rica, #alturas #wildlife #sanctuary #costaballenalovers #ballenatales (8)

The director Mike Graeber has more than 40 years experience in wildlife rehabilitation and has become an important figure for the sanctuary. For the last few years, attorney Dannia Segura has been his right hand.

The sanctuary has a care and learning center which is available to the public.

As part of our fundraising activities to keep the sanctuary in motion, we offer a guided tour, read more >>>

If you are an animal lover, you could help in any of the following ways:

1. Inform your friends of our project.
2. Make a one-time contribution or make a monthly commitment. We receive new animals every week.
3. Sponsor a habitat and be remembered
Platinum: $1,000
Gold: $500
Silver: $300
Bronze: $150

Support us:

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