Emergency Pet-Room

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By Dr. Vet. Fernando Riera S.
Cel. 8730 8282 emergencies only

Emergencies are situations requiring quick and immediate actions since every minute counts when it is about saving our pet’s life.

First, we must calm down to acquire clear thinking, and then call the vet, explain the situation with accuracy, and receive instructions for the transport to the clinic. Meanwhile, the clinic will be ready to take care of the patient at its arrival.

The most common emergencies in Costa Ballena are fights with wild animals such as coatis, anteaters, and porcupines. Toad venom poisoning is also as frequent as snakebites and car accidents. Without the proper attention, anyone of them could be deadly.

The serious and often fatal emergencies are those involving the cardiovascular system; these are the ones requiring an expedite attention. One example is the snakebite, the sooner you can take care of it, the better the chances of survival.

Assorted wounds, as long as they don’t show hemorrhage, can be taken easy, of course, it is important to take the pet to the vet’s office, where it will receive proper medical attention.

In case of bleeding, apply pressure to the affected site; in case of fractures, stabilize the limb using a splint or wrapping it with newspaper and securing it with tape.

The most important thing is that you stay calm; your pet will sense it and will make him feel more secure!

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