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By Dr.Fernando Riera S.
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Cases of poisoning are usually accompanied by seizures, and they worsen when the nervous system is affected. When we find our pet poisoned and looking convulsive, comatose, or unconscious, we tend to follow the popular and old-fashioned recommendation of giving lemon or milk to neutralize the toxins. This practice might help if the animal is conscious; however, giving liquids during an unconscious state, can be more harmful than beneficial since the pet will not be able to swallow and could provoke bronco-aspiration (liquid goes into the lungs), greatly worsening the condition, mainly because it makes breathing more difficult.

In these cases, the best thing to do is to take the pet immediately to a veterinary clinic for the proper care. Unfortunately, there is not much to do at home, but avoiding an unnecessary bronco-aspiration increases the chance of survival.

On the other hand, in cases of toad poisoning, the toxin is immediately absorbed by the oral mucous membrane; the best advice is to wash the snout thoroughly with a garden hose or a water bottle while holding the pet´s head down to avoid any possibility of accidental bronco-aspiration.

This can be done at home before receiving professional help, but only if the patient´s condition allows it.

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