El Mercado-The Importance of Local Markets

El Mercado- The Importance of local markets

Author: Nathalia Saray

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In a planet with so many wonderful and prosperous corners, community organizations' initiatives must take on the task of opening spaces where local society is reflected and with it even more identity as a community.

We know that Costa Rica is multicultural, so its nuances provide an environment rich in colors, flavors, and sounds. This piece of land of 51, 100 km² is a blessing; it is the bridge that came to unite the continent, enriching us with a transit of identities and their customs for thousands of years.

In rural areas, experiences of more contact with nature are a highly sought-after resource by national and international tourism. Here are markets where the locality's fruits and products are offered, in recognition of  Costa Rica´s entrepreneurial wealth.

These spaces are kept simple and accessible and create the ideal environment for peaceful coexistence to flow where you can meet who makes or grows your food. It is just what we need while we choose what we are going to use, that is a precious moment of the week or your tourist experience.

El Mercado-The Importance of Local Markets

Placing these activities on your vacation route guarantees a different experience. There are so many artisan products you can choose what you like the most, thereby contributing to the local economy; your visit will have an even more positive and satisfactory impact.

They are happy moments since the community values ​​these spaces that are also social, where you meet with your neighbors to share a lunch or say hello while we shop, which contributes to each communal market's identity.

On behalf of El Mercado, please visit us and get to know the people who make up this beautiful family more thoroughly. Being part of the memories of a trip or the locals' daily lives seems wonderful to us. We are striving to make it more increasingly beautiful.

See you soon!

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