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El Mercado in Uvita: second round of the Sun

AUTHOR: Sandra Aguilar and Natalia Solano

The planet has been around the sun twice since December 6, 2017 when the market of entrepreneurs and craftsmen El Mercado was inaugurated in Bahia, Uvita. Challenges overcome, lessons learned successfully and experiences acquired gratify the founders.

Since the first day of activity took place at the Bahía Ballena Community Hall, due to the visit of residents and tourists, a community has found the space to converge on friendship, art, food and music.

Fresh as you can only find it in El Mercado everything is delicious, creative and healthy.

Product of the interest aroused, visit and preference, the vendors have been able to sell the fruit of their ventures and with this increase their economic income.

We have been able to give a grain of sand to various entities made up of public and private organizations with similar objectives, which strengthen the dignified human coexistence with nature in this exuberant region. We are motivated to know that this space has been created from scratch, we are grateful for the support of Ballena Tales, Uvita Print, the ADIU, Uvita Information Center, Iguana Verde, of hotels and tourism offices that recommend their clients to visit the activity.

In addition, restaurants have managed the acquisition of food from El Mercado to offer the best to their customers. Last but not least, thanks to each vendor who assists with their products and creations, they are worthy of enjoying prosperity and success, we admire them for their perseverance and professionalism.

THANK YOU for sharing the activity with your customers, social media posts, THANK YOU for coming to do your shopping and listen to the music in El Mercado. With all my heart THANK YOU for approaching and giving us your feedback. Let's continue to enjoy this wonderful Earth in which we live and be closer and closer.

Happy New Year!!!


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