Ecological Detergents: Florex Gives Value to Sustainability

ecological detergents Environment Ambiente Florex Gives Value to Sustainibility Florex da valor a la sostenibilidad

Florex products are especially elaborated for the restaurant and hotel sector that is opting for sustainability practices, guaranteeing control of environmental impacts and efficient and economical cleaning. Customers also have the advantage of receiving certifications from the company, as well for the type of products they use and as for the collection of empty packaging. These are then used by hotels and restaurants for their sustainability certification processes, such as the Certification for Tourism Sustainability, the Carbon Neutral seal, or the Blue Flag, among others.

Recently Florex opened a branch in Daniel Flores of Pérez Zeledón. «Our products have very little impact on the environment», explains Doña Silvia, Florex’s vice-president. Since 2005, she and her husband have been pioneers in implementing green solutions in the area of sustainability in Costa Rica. Based in San Ramón in Alajuela, FLOREX is a Central American company which develops, produces and distributes biodegradable ecological detergents. Founded in 2009, it is the first factory with Eco design in Costa Rica. Its philosophy is to offer products and services that have the least possible impact on the environment. The company has received numerous awards, among them: 2009 FLOREX award for environmentally-friendly production; 2011 award for social responsibility and sustainability and 2013 honorary award from the Chamber of Industry in the environmental category. In 2008 FLOREX was recognized by the Ministry of Environment and Energy as an institution committed to the «Neutral Carbon Plan» initiative. This has led the company to change its production, distribution and marketing standards considering climate change.

Environment Ambiente Florex Gives Value to Sustainibility Florex da valor a la sostenibilidad

In 2012, FLOREX began a research process with the National Institute of Biodiversity (INBio) to develop its ingredients from natural extracts of Central American biodiversity in order to use natural rather than artificial active ingredients. FLOREX products are biodegradable, incorporating several chemical elements, including carbon. During degradation, these products begin to decompose by the action of air as well as by microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria. Recently they have made an alliance with Ecolones, the first virtual ecomoneda that gives value to sustainability. It is granted in exchange for valuables that are separated and taken to recycling through an incentive system in which they can be exchanged for discounts on sustainable products and services. Doña Silvia concludes: “We are proud to leave a legacy for future generations.”

By Dagmar Reinhard

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