Fridays in Dominical

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~by Juliane Hilla and Jakob Bremer

Dominical is a little town located at the south pacific coast of Costa Rica. Starting from Uvita, it took us a 15 minutes’ drive to get there and we went straight to the Eco Feria Market in the heart of Dominical. Every Friday, the Eco Feria takes place at the Patron's restaurant. It is a space to get to know local farmers and produce and meet people from all over the world. There was an incredible panoply of colors of ecologically grown and certified products like vegetables, fruits, homemade pastries, marmalades, and sauces in all imaginable flavors.

An herbalist with medicinal plants right from the forest sold tinctures and pulverized plants and roots. The market offers services including alternative treatments, physiotherapy, and massages. When we entered the light-flooded installations of the Eco Feria, there was smooth music, played by a DJ. The first impressions gave us a good overview of how the market is structured. By taking a closer look and getting into touch with the friendly and open-minded people, we got to know the higher goal all strive for: Promote the eco-friendly and small businesses in the area.

We had the pleasure to be guided by one of the organizers: Keyna, an enthusiastic young lady who introduced us to the vendors and their exciting background stories. They all have their approach on how to produce environmentally friendly products. Each of them was keen on sharing their experiences.

Behind every product, there is an innovative idea, such as using plantain flour for baking instead of ordinary white flour. We had the opportunity to try some tasty salsa dips, as well as delicious, homemade cupcakes with a topping of fresh cream with pieces of fruit. We felt very welcome and recommend everyone to visit the Eco Feria in Dominical. Vendors and other visitors are more than happy to meet you at this amazing market place!

ecoferia, dominical


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