Eco Feria Dominical: Circular Economy

Eco feria dominical circular economy

A new model of economy is emerging from the people who love the land, who create with their hands in small family businesses. Each day they join the concept of “Circular Economy,” betting on a local offer, reducing the pollution associated with the  consumption of products transported from faraway places. This way we have become more responsible for the environmental impact that our food generates.

Little by little, we begin to create more spaces where there are commitments to create Free Plastic Initiatives, in addition to the reuse of waste. Places where people benefit from each other, with a positive impact on the planet. Every day more spaces are born in Costa Rica with these characteristics and especially in this area, an example are the Farmer’s Markets.

These spaces come to refresh the social scene, becoming a meeting point for families in our area, at the same time they are emerging as an attraction for tourism. They have been consolidated as places where our community has been able to develop more on issues such as access to quality food at affordable prices.

Eco feria dominical circular economy

Eco Fair Camino Real Dominical, is part of that vision, applied to generate a new, more humane and more sustainable trade. We believe in the farmer as a central part of this revolution. Their love to cultivate, the use of original seeds of our mother earth with proper care and free of pesticides, are the engine of important energy changes in humanity and the environment. We have created this space considering values such as the Free Initiative of Plastic and Agrochemicals, there we will have direct contact with local producers, who bring varied products: medicines, therapies and many delicacies that reach the consumer thanks to the civic organization.

The Eco Fair Camino Real takes place every Friday from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm, at the Patrons Amphitheater, in Dominical.

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