Eco Feria Camino Real

Eco Feria Camino Real

Dominical of Costa Ballena has its Eco Fair, located in the area behind the Patron’s Restaurant. It is called Camino Real as the crossing from north to south and from east to west used by travelers and vendors alike. A good example is the famous Guayaba National Monument.

Four beautiful women, Mrs. Estela, Keyna, Krishna and Grettel organize the weekly event that takes place every Friday from 8 am - 2:30 pm.

Each Friday brings more venders and shoppers and the variety not only in food is continuously growing. From fresh exotic fruits and veggies, to local hand crafted jewelry, kombucha, tinctures, herbs and spices, the Dominical farmers’ market has become a one-stop shop for many locals and visitors. Personally, I anticipate each Friday’s market for buying fresh vegetables, coconut oil, and many other locally harvested products.

The Feria has become a social gathering for many to talk about current events and the general joys of living in Costa Ballena. Doña Estela says: “Our initiative is an environment as free of plastic as possible, and we are happy that we can mobilize people who believe in our values. We greatly appreciate Kenneth, the new manager of Patron’s for providing us with the space, which is ideal: completely covered, fresh and well ventilated, located in the center of Dominical.

As well, I am very grateful to the Municipality of Osa for granting permits quickly. It was easy to convene a group of certified organic farmers, since we had been working with them for a long time.” Until recently, residents of Dominical and environments had to find transportation to Uvita, Tinamaste, or Perez Zeledón in order to take advantage of weekly markets. Now, each Friday Dominical hosts its own Eco market. Come and support our local merchants!

By Dagmar Reinhard

INFO: Eco Feria Camino Real – Patron’s Dominical – Viernes / Friday 8 am – 2:30 pm / Tel: 8302 7563

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