Drake Bay has an Airport

Drake Bay has an Airport Drake estrena aeropuerto

The Drake Bay community is premiering its airport, and it is not just any landing field! According to representatives of the air transport company SANSA, it is the third best airport in the country, preceded only by the international airports Daniel Oduber, in Liberia and Juan Santamaría, in Alajuela.

It is not yet completely finished. However, it already has first class airport facilities: a landing strip with a resistant pavement according to the standards of the PNC (Pavement Classification Number), parking and green zones, a main building that has spacious and comfortable waiting areas, restrooms, a cafeteria and a shop. In addition, the entire perimeter is surrounded by a security mesh.

At this moment there is another important work of infrastructure being developed in the locality: the construction of the bridge over the Agujas River has just started. All these works have been welcomed with joy by the residents of Drake Bay, in particular the bridge over the Agujas River, which would solve the problem of land access to the community during the rainy season.

However, this sudden interest in developing important public works in the community does not stop causing surprise and questions from the neighbors. It is curious that while on the one hand millionaire sums are invested in the works mentioned above, the sustainable development of Drake is practically paralyzed in the absence of a comprehensive regulatory plan. This prevents the Municipality of Osa from granting concessions in this area. Much of the construction that has been made in recent years is in a diffuse situation in  relation to the declaration of National Heritage of the State on the coast. The residents of Drake Bay do not oppose progress and want to be the architects of their development model. For this reason, their interest is to be taken into account by local and national authorities when establishing development policies, launching projects and taking decisions that concern them.

By Sandra Marti

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