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 ~by Trevor Brown

From the beginning, the draft brewery Fuego Brew Co. in Dominical Costa Rica has dreamed of having an award-winning beer. The attitude has always been to strive to be the best. This year entering in the third year in operation, the dream became a reality.

Fuego Brew Co. won a gold medal in the Copa Cervezas de America GCA for their Bunun Kolsch.

The Copa Cervezas de America GCA takes place each year in the region of Valparaiso, near Santiago, Chile. Since 2011 Copa Cervezas de America has held this international ceremony to honor the best breweries throughout the Americas. A Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal is awarded to each of the many styles of beer. This year there were 1,844 beers from 459 breweries in 16 different countries. Small breweries entered as well as world-renown breweries like Samuel Adams. Costa Rica also had many breweries enter, and only a few earned medals. Fuego Brew Co. was the only Costa Rican brewery to win a Gold Medal which was awarded to the Bunun Kolsch in the category of “Pale Bitter European Beer”.

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Originally the Kolsch is from Cologne, Germany. Although technically categorized as a “Pale Bitter European” beer, the Kolsch is better known to be crisp, light in color, and bitterness. This balance of flavors created by the German-style hops has increasing popularity internationally and is a sought after beer amongst enthusiasts. Locally the Bunun Kolsch has also received a lot of praise and seems to be ordered at a feverish rate when on tap.

While this exciting news is no doubt an incredible accomplishment, this is hopefully just the beginning of the award-winning beers coming from Fuego Brew Co. With more than 12 Fuego beers on tap and dozens of beer types, there is a beer for every palate! Keep your eyes on the social media for updates to see what is coming on tap next. Fuego Brew Co. is progressing into another year filled with entertainment and surprises. The possibilities seem limitless!


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