Dr. Jane Goodall Visited the Osa Field Institute

Jane Goodall photos by Marco Gutierrez (2)

By Dagmar Reinhard
Photos by Marco Gutierrez
Jane Goodall photos by Marco Gutierrez (1)Dr. Jane Goodall brought a great message of hope. Recently, during the official opening of the Osa Field Institute, before the executives and approximately 200 guests, the distinguished 81-year-old Ph.D., widely known as an advocate for animal rights and environmental issues, got up on a stool where everyone could see her, and for the next hour and a half, she gave a very interesting and fun speech. She spoke about her long experience in research and protection of chimpanzees in Gombe (Africa), where she obtained her worldwide recognition.

Since she was a little girl, Dr. Goodall was fascinated by animals; the unconditional support from her mother and her hard work made possible for her to go to Africa when she was only 23 years old. She grew up loving Tarzan’s tales in the jungle, and she always thought he had married the wrong Jane.

Today, the Jane Goodall Institute is well-known for creating conservation initiatives and programs both in Africa and in 82 other countries. In 1991, Jane Goodall founded an institute for global environmental protection and humanitarian youth programs operating in 130 countries under the name of “Roots and Shoots.” The program encourages young people to identify problems within their community or at a world level, and work towards making a difference for people, animals, and the environment we all share.Jane Goodall photos by Marco Gutierrez (3)

During the question and answer session, a group of students from Escuela Verde demonstrated their support by having already goals for their own Roots and Shoots group.

Dr. Jane Goodall finished her speech encouraging everyone in the audience to do their share in order to make a positive difference every day.

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