Dominical eXtreme Games 2013


Monster waves

In a town famous for its big waves and adventurous locals it seemed only natural that Dominical would have its first annual X-games. Hosted by Jen Brummer, owner of Tortilla Flats, the Extreme Games included all the sports and activates that Playa Dominical has to offer. The X-Games events included surfing, skateboarding, kayaking, S.U.P, shore fishing, and coconut tree climbing. A continuous state of excitement and awe remained consistent from both competitors and spectators as one event moved to the next. All the events were held in one day. While surfers battled the monster waves, other competitor’s practiced there skills in the half pipe, worked the river’s mouth for fish, and sized up the towering coconut tree visualizing the climb. As is typical for contests in Dominical, the waves were super big. As a result, nobody had the guts to enter the S.U.P contest. Also, the fisherman had a hard time dealing with the pounding shore break. There were a few entrees for the Kayak race. Through the pounding surf, Yeudy from Dominical came out on top.


Ariel González

The coconut tree climbing was a new event for Dominical. The tree chosen for the contest was about 15 meters tall. Each climber raced the clock in a winner take all format, fastest climb to the top. There were some very impressive climbs but no competitor could match Manuel from Dominicalito who reached the top of the tree within 19 seconds!!

The skateboarding contest was held in the half-pipe behind Tortilla Flats. Skaters from San Jose and Parez Zeledon met with local skaters to put on a high performance show. The skill level during the finals was jaw dropping and full of blood, sweat, and beers. Four skaters from Parez and San Jose went head to head in a jam format with a skater from Parez winning the finals.

Dominical locals dominated the surf contest. Local lifeguard and shredder Ariel González won the Men’s Open division, with Dominicalito’s Victor in second and a surfer from Quepos in third.  Jordi Mendez took the Men’s junior competition ahead of a surfer from Quepos and in third, local life guard Caleb.


Jen Brummer and crew

After the events finished, competitors and spectators filled Tortilla Flats showing off their dance moves in the seemingly never-ending discotec. When I left long after midnight, there was no sign of the party coming to an end. Work hard, party harder seemed to be theme of the night. For a first time event, the Dominical X-Games was a complete success. If you missed the action this year, you should be able to redeem yourself, as this will surely be an annual event!

Photos by Waverider

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