Ding Repair in Costa Ballena

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by Trevor Brown
Whether you are a professional surfer, or just a beginner, there comes a time when your surfboard needs repair. From impacts via reef, rocks, other surfboards, or any number of possibilities, you are going to need someone to fix your board. Surfboards are super fragile, and it’s important to fix your board every time you put a small hole or dent in it. If you continue to surf with a ding, the board will start taking in water. The water absorbs into the foam core making it heavy. Much of the surfboard’s design is keeping it light as possible while concentrating on its shape and performance. Just as you might need a mechanic, and electrician, or a plumber, if you surf, you will need a surfboard repair expert.
In Playa Dominical, two brand new repair experts are now available for any type of repair. From boards broken in half to a minor whole, they can make your surfboard look and perform like new. Well, maybe not new, but better than you could have fixed it yourself.
Seeing the demand for ding repair, both Oscar (Iguano) and Raymond Rugama have both started their own business. Both repair artists have homemade
workshops and proper equipment to fix any kind of board damage. You can find Iguano in Dominical across from Antorchas. Raymond (5012-4080) repairs boards at his house, but will happily meet you to pick up and drop off your board.
In Dominicalito, Paisa is another known repair expert. Just ask any local surfer, they can point you in the right direction.
Surfboards are expensive, but if you repair the crucial damaged areas, the board will last you a long time.

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