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Foster families - the best things that can happen to rescue animals

~ by Shawnell Parker

Fantastic, Fabulous and Faithful Fosters

Frankly, foster families are the best things that can happen to a rescue animal. D.A.W.G. could never have continued for ten years to save animals without turning away an animal in need if it weren’t for them. No no-kill rescue organization can ever accommodate all the needs and the sheer numbers of rescue animals in a shelter only. So why foster?

Your foster baby will learn that humans love them. We have seen the most timid, neglected and abused animals become trusting and relaxed as a result of living with a foster family. It can be good for your family pets too. Pam and Tom’s dog Opal, once a foster herself, loves having a new friend to romp with. The family always has a new addition and the animal learns to live in a loving pack. While they stay with you, extra space in the Shelter is freed for animals that have more critical requirements. The foster craves attention and will be happier and more motivated after receiving your care. Laughter comes with the territory. You teach the rescue animal that life is fun and that will make you happy too. Children learn so much from fostering. Caring for another living creature makes them feel good about themselves.

You can foster even if you can’t adopt. If your living (or visiting) circumstances don’t allow for adoption, we can work with you to make it easy and flexible. You can give a rescue animal a chance to gain confidence which makes them more “adoptable”. We make this program easy for you by providing food, medical needs, advice and support. “But I could never let go!” What’s ever been wrong with falling in love? Join the 4F club, become a Fantastic, Fabulous and Faithful Foster.

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