Curre , cultural tour through the Indigenous village


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Rey Curré

Little Devils Dances

  • Transport in comfortable vans with A/C
  • Breakfast at La Quebrada Grande Restaurant
  • Bi-lingual guides
  • Cújsrót Masks Workshop with Don Edixon
  • Art Museum
  • Petroglyphs, spheres and typical Indigenous ranchos
  • Historical workshop and cemetery
  • Participation at the Little Devils Dances
  • Lunch “in leaves” included

#rey curre #boruca #costaballenalovers #ballenatales #spheres

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Last Tour comment

“AMAZING tour of the Boruca indigenous village on Friday! We were given demonstrations of how the tribe has historically made their textiles by hand, dyed them with leaves and bark and roots, and then wove them into usable fabrics. Then we learned about the traditional mask carvings and paintings. Very cool, and I can attest – not as easy as it looks! After a delicious meal served by a waterfall, we were treated to an enactment of their creation myth… The Owl Spirit planted the seeds from the Maiz Spirit, which was nurtured by the Jungle Spirit with Burnt Ashes, and from this magical mixture the Borucan people grew. I LOVED this tour!! The little abuela (grandmother) who was showing us the method of creating woven thread from cotton was so adorable, I wanted to hug her and take her home with me.”

Boruca 2015 – an explosion of art and color …

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