Costa Rica: A Giant Example of Peace, Harmony, and Democracy

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Costa Rica is a small country in terms of territory and considered “the Central American Switzerland”.

It contains a wealth of richness in terms of weather, flora and fauna, culture and the “TICOS”, as we say here, and everything is “PURA VIDA”, which means everything is “pure life”. Like many, I have experienced that freedom and peace which runs in my veins, and been fortunate to have been born in a land of democracy. 

With a tropical climate and diverse culture, Costa Rica is blessed among its neighbors.

This country is divided into several climatic zones; each is distinct, due to its rich geographical variety. The diverse culture derives from the migration of Europeans, Americans, Asians, and other Latinos who were adopted by this land years ago, making such as small country a giant example of peace, harmony, and democracy to be followed in the global spectrum of life and simplicity. 

Costa Rica: A Giant Example of Peace, Harmony, and Democracy - Osa

Because of its close proximity to the equator, this nation has no real wintertime like in North America with the snow, and the sun shines here nearly every day of the year and it rains beautifully as in any rainforest. With tons of sunshine, the sun rises at about 5 am and sets consistently at about 6 pm. To experience such beautiful gift of God, you must visit Costa Rican beaches and just wait for the miracle of this splendor before your eyes. 

The diversity I speak about is not only found in people, weather, and flora and fauna, but in the food, religion, sports, politics, and education.

I’ve traveled around, and in my journeys, I have seen many amazing things in life. My mind opened up to new cultures, food, creeds, philosophies, and different ways to experience life; yet, to come in contact with this amazing country and everything it has to offer is simply phenomenal and unique.

INFO: John F. Bisner Ureña -

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