Which Of Costa Rica’s Animal Totems Best Represents You?

Author: Alexandra Luty

Costa Rica is world-famous for its distinct wildlife, each with its own temperament and preferred way of life. Which of these Costa Rica animal totems most represents you?


Animales en la naturaleza

The Dolphin

Dolphins exhibit solid social bonds and caring behavior. They are protective towards their species and others without putting themselves at risk. They are masters of being in two worlds at once. Dolphins complete essential tasks with joy and have a generous spirit without the need to please. They have a deep understanding of cosmic consciousness and use their knowledge in positive ways.

Which Of Costa Rica’s Animal Totems Best Represents You? 4

The Jaguar

The mighty Jaguar is a symbol of courage, beauty, cunningness, and grace. Jaguars are introverted, avoiding social activities and large crowds. They enjoy small, intimate gatherings. Although they are willing to stand up for themselves, they do everything to avoid confrontation. They are known to fly under the radar, making their move at the last moment. Jaguars are most active in the dark.

Which Of Costa Rica’s Animal Totems Best Represents You? 6

The Monkey

Monkeys symbolize intelligence, lightheadedness, intensity, honor, community, curiosity, and untamed nature. They represent both seriousness and charm. Monkeys have a penchant for practical jokes and good-natured humor. They don’t always judge well and may annoy. Monkeys are excellent motivators. They are expressive and all about living in the moment.

Which Of Costa Rica’s Animal Totems Best Represents You? 8

The Sea Turtle

One of the oldest creatures on the planet is the sea turtle, which symbolizes good luck, endurance, and long life. They are excellent swimmers, opting for the path of least resistance to their efforts. Turtle shells offer protection from challenges, and they are vulnerable without them. Sea turtles know how to trust their senses, are creative, and find ways to reach their goals. They generally live relaxed, stress-free lives.

Which Of Costa Rica’s Animal Totems Best Represents You? 10

The Hummingbird

The hummingbird is a powerful albeit tiny symbol for the lightness of being and total enjoyment. They look for the sweetness in life and express themselves wholly in their daily endeavors. Hummingbirds are capable of incredible feats like traveling great distances or flying backward with grace. They are very independent yet playful. They respond quickly and are very resilient.

Which Of Costa Rica’s Animal Totems Best Represents You? 12

The Sloth

Sloths are primarily shy, solitary animals. They symbolize a relaxed and easygoing personality. Everyone enjoys having a sloth around, and they inspire the best in those around them. Sloths enjoy the small pleasures of life and are relatively worry-free. The key characteristic about sloths is that they spend their time and energy wisely, making them highly successful.

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