Costa Rica a Privileged Nation

Costa Rica is a privileged nation, thanks to its location, its vast natural richness, and the human warmth that distinguishes Costa Ricans; this is why it was named “The Happiest Place on Earth”.

~ Por John Bisner

Costa Rica país privilegiado, Costa Rica is a privileged nation

Costa Rica has been an independent, democratic republic for 195 years, and abolished its army in 1948.

We enjoy peace and freedom, which not all countries can have. Ours is a small nation, but its people’s hearts are immense; it is a volcanic country with gorgeous and spectacular landscapes. There are plenty of rivers, waterfalls, and lakes where the water is fresh and abundant. San Isidro de El General is 20 minutes away from the Pacific coast, whose beaches offer soft sand, palm and almond trees, pristine mountains, and an amazing biodiversity. We want to invite you to enjoy our “PURA VIDA” lifestyle.

The valley where I live has a sensational topography; it embraces the Talamanca range, in which the majestic Mount Chirripó National Park holds some of the most impressive biodiversities on the planet. Only 52,000 km² (about 32,300 square miles), and there is so much beauty in our nation.

This area has centuries-old trails and lakes that make them an ideal place to visit, relax your mind, and improve your health. Los Conejos Valley and La Tortirica lake are very attractive, but the icing on the cake is the wonderful sunsets that trigger your senses. The “generaleños”, as we are known, are proud of our fantastic Valley of El General. Our values have distinguished us for decades.

If you are a TICO, wherever you are:

Never forget the deep roots that link you to this privileged nation where you were born; and if you are a foreigner, we invite you to be part of the Costa Rican Pura Vida lifestyle. It is a unique experience!

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