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Fully trained and very experienced lifeguards.


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Thank you for helping us save lives!

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A lot of Lives saved

There is a great need for more lifeguards and equipment to stop people from drowning in this beach as well as all the other beaches of the coastal range.

The lifeguard station located in Playa Hermosa was founded in January 2014 by Sir Brian Nice, with the intention of creating an educational program destined to inform visitors from all over the world the specific behavior of the waves before swimming in the Pacific ocean.

Costa Ballena Lifeguards is a non-profit association and is entirely sponsored by a few local businesses and individuals.
The lifeguard tower at Playa Hermosa is the only station along the 30 km of Southern Pacific coastline.
Playa Hermosa´s tower is manned with two trained lifeguards who have a proven record of rescues.

NOW: Playa Hermosa is more than 3 km long, and the two lifeguards cannot keep an eye on the entire area at the same time.


My monthly donation is:

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Costa Ballena Lifeguards - new Lifeguard Tower at Playa Hermosa

Costa Ballena has a 30 km of coastal range, which includes more than 10 beautiful beaches.
Some of these are a swimmer´s paradise; others are good for beginners, and a few more are suitable only for advanced surfers.
Rip tides exist all over the coast, especially at Playa Dominical, Playa Hermosa, the Northern bay of Punta Uvita, Playa Ballena, Playa Ventanas, and everywhere a river flows into the ocean.
The focus of this page is to alert everybody about the importance of a rip tide, its location, and the appropriate thing to do if you find yourself in this type of current. You will also find out what you need to know about Playa Hermosa surroundings and events within the area.

Our lifeguards are your best advisers, every day they witness reckless behavior from those who are willing to set aside the safety rules to indulge themselves in the beauty of the beaches and their unpredictable waters.
Lifeguards Alvaro and Andres have a record of 30 rescues since the tower was built one year ago.
984 warnings prevented many visitors from swimming outside the designated area along the beach, which is safely monitored from the tower.

There is a great need for more lifeguards and equipment to stop people from drowning in this beach as well as all the other beaches of the coastal range.
In Costa Ballena, all lifeguard initiatives are funded by local companies and individuals.


My one time donation:

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Please, help to maintain the safety of this beautiful slice of paradise we all are enjoying by donating towards this life-giving initiative.

Your contribution will assist in the building of more towers, pay salaries to more lifeguards, and the purchase of much-needed equipment. By making a contribution to Costa Ballena Lifeguards you will be directly responsible for saving lives at our beaches. We are looking for sponsors, donors, materials and volunteers to help us create a long-term, sustainable lifeguard program that will keep us, our friends and families safe.

Next time you visit Playa Hermosa, talk to these very friendly and knowledgeable young men at the tower: Alvaro, Perry and Andrés, who are passionate about their mission: Educate – prevent – rescue.


Sascha Pattovic from US
“Went out too far for a swim and the current took me even further out; the lifeguards took good care of me, many thanks for your help!”

Marlon Mora Gamboa from CR calls them “Angels of the Sea.”
Les agradezco profundamente por haberme rescatado. Ustedes son ángeles del mar.

Christopher Zuñiga Quesada from CR: Before he knew he was pulled out very far. “Desconocía las corrientes del lugar y cuando me percaté ya me encontraba adentro del mar”

Johana Arburola from CR, a mother to be: CR
“Gracias por salvar mi vida y la de mi hijo que viene en camino”

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