Costa Ballena Lifeguards, 36 lives saved

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By Perry Gladstone, first lifeguard volunteer

Help! Over 30 km long and with more than 10 beaches, Costa Ballena has only one active tower and two paid lifeguards at Playa Hermosa, sponsored by a small group of individuals and local businesses. By making a contribution you will be directly responsible for saving lives.

Our beaches are a rich playground, home, buffet, and breeding ground for humans, mammals, fish, and fauna. Our beaches are also an abrupt end to a long highway where never-ending lines of waves drive into the sand. Having such a busy highway next to the kitchen, bedroom, and playground has its dangers.

Costa Ballena LifeguardsThe waves and whitewater you see rolling up the beach find their way back to sea in the form of currents between new waves coming in. As seen from the beach this ‘Rip’ looks like the calmest place to swim or play, but, in fact, the opposite is true. Where and how strong the rip is, depends on many factors, including wave size and direction as well as the contours of the sand underneath, all of which are constantly changing. Add to that the undertow created by the waves themselves and any part of the beach can become dangerous in a matter of seconds.

Highway to Help Costa Ballena Lifeguards are trained to watch for rip currents and undertows, so we can prevent accidents and drowning. Towers and elevated platforms help us to see these conditions as well as spot people in trouble over the height of the waves.


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Costa Ballena Lifeguards, 36 lives saved 1

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Costa Ballena Lifeguards, 36 lives saved 1

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