Ojochal – Bahía Ballena, Costa Ballena, Costa Rica

Ojochal a Large Park and an Amazing Gastronomic Experience!

Ojochal in Osa is named after the “Ojoche” tree, also known as the tree of life, as you can use it from root to leaf. Just 15 years ago, one would not believe that the land was barren, completely cut down and used as cattle pasture, it was not the lush forest we know it as today. These days, Ojochal is home to various works of living art, as many homeowners take pride in their manicured and fruitful gardens.

It is hands down, the Culinary destination of the South Pacific. With fine dining ranging from Mediterranean to Indonesian, you are sure to find a great meal. Reserve in advance as people travel from as far as Jacó to dine in a jungle atmosphere. Since a man does not live on bread alone, we recommend you sample some food for your dreams, try a horseback tour through the village and the rivers heading to the mountains where Mrs. Elida will welcome you when you arrive at the Ojochal waterfalls. You can spend the night in a cabin near the river, hike during the day through the well-preserved nature, and in the evening, your horse will come to pick you up again and take you to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

JMF hotel and restaurant biodegradable products, semilla de aguacate

Service JMF celebrates its 2019 business event.

Service JMF is part of a group of companies established in the 1980s in the southern area of Costa Rica and considers its mission to be the leading company in import and distribution nationwide, always providing the best service and added values through innovation and differentiated development, always hand in hand with the environment. SERVICE

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Alice in the Land of Palms Naturaleza Alice en el país de las palmeras

Nature: Alice in the Land of Palms

Our French Miss Marple, recently relocated in Costa Rica, discovers the happiness and peculiarities of the jungle in this beautiful country. Nature in Central America offers surprises that give rise to some funny misunderstandings. Alice loves to get up early, she feels satisfied. Beginning at 5:30 am, the sun illuminates the house with its golden rays.

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Following the Sun... The Dream of Living in Costa Rica Siguiendo el sol ~ El sueño de vivir en Costa Rica

Following the Sun – The Dream of Living in Costa Rica

We are Selina and Maggie – also known as the ”Gemelas“, two German communication science students. In our country, the small country of Costa Rica in Central America is regarded as a true oasis of happiness. At home we dreamed of breathtaking beaches, diverse wildlife, an endless summer with tropical heat and a relaxed lifestyle.

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SOMOS (We Are): Building Resilient Communities

SOMOS (We Are): Building Resilient Communities

Initiatives Lack of resources and infrastructure are most noticeable in two ways. One feels quaint, excited and, at times, adventurous. The other is frustrating and causes genuine concern. When that happens our immediate response is to want a quick fix. For example, “patch the hole in the road” or “send a message” to thieves. The

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If you are looking for some calm, this quaint, relaxing town is perfect, and if you’ve had enough rest and recuperation, ask around, the local community will always make you feel welcome. Ojochal possesses great mountain views and that of the Térraba River, Isla Garza, Drake’s Bay, and Isla del Caño. Playa Tortuga is the closest beach, which has caves at the Northern end of the beach and is home to Reserva Playa Tortuga, a non- profit organization aimed at researching and promoting education about local flora and fauna. It is best to have a vehicle if you are staying in Ojochal; however, there is a local bus that goes by, the stop is located at the entrance of Ojochal on the Costanera. There are no ATMs or banks.

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