Adventures in Costa Ballena, tips for motorcyclists

Adventures in Costa Ballena, tips for motorcyclists,. Aventuras Costa Ballena Los Lobos - the best #harley davidson #motorcycles #osa #puravida #costaballenalovers (1)

Adventures in Costa Ballena, tips for motorcyclists

By  Robert E. Rodgers

Readers of Ballena Tales are an adventurous group. This group likes its adventure sports: water, low lands, mountain, or jungle. They are also adventurous in a culinary way as evidenced from the area’s wide range of fine restaurants in Costa Ballena and the South Pacific of Costa Rica.
And this adventurous group consists of dedicated practitioners of a wide span of the arts, from the handmade to the meditative. Speaking of adventures in Costa Ballena, in the last issue of Ballena Tales the editor saw fit to publish a photo of a bearded old dude sitting on a Harley Davidson, and the questions came; here are some answers to a few of them.

1. Yes, there is a Harley Davidson motorcycles authorized agency in San Jose (Escazú) that has been there since 1996. For riding purposes, the roads in Costa Rica and Costa Ballena, are a million times better than in days gone by. Sure, there are still some potholes and other challenging obstacles (horses, cows, humans driving cars, trucks, etc.) but take it easy, and you’ll have no problem riding your motorcycle. All of the major roads lead to San José, so it’s hard to get lost. To get Costa Ballena, the best is route 34, the Pacific Coast Road, the 200 kilometers of which has a little bit of all of Costa Rica; a taste of Costa Rica one might say, and on which is the home of Ballena Tales.Adventures in Costa Ballena, tips for motorcyclists, Aventuras Costa Ballena Los Lobos - the best #harley davidson #motorcycles #osa #puravida #costaballenalovers (2)

2. And yes, there is a Women’s Motorcyclists Riding Club, called Viudas Negras and a phone call to Roshany at the Harley Dealer will get you started there. Whatever your adventure, have fun and remember, as always, safety fist: wear helmets and reflective gear.

InFo: –  Harley Davidson – Ms. Roshany (506) 2228 5482

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