Conscious Creating

Butterfly - Photo Matthew Kritzer

Butterfly – Photo Matthew Kritzer

According to the laws of attraction, our every emotion creates the experiences of our life.  While it is our thoughts, which seed the creation of our results, our emotions magnetize them.  When we feel an emotion, it magnetizes our thoughts, in a way proportional to the charge of the emotion.  The more positive, frequent, and intense the feeling, the more positive is the result.  By becoming more aware of our emotions, we can practice choosing them deliberately, to become conscious creators.

Who among us hasn’t had a day where it seems everything went wrong?  When we get upset, we go from the frying pan into the fire.  This usually leads to unintended consequences.  Remember how your feelings changed going through that process.  You can recall how the emotional chain reaction caused one thing to lead to another, snowballing out of control.

Now, if you want a different result, try making a list of your most powerful positive emotions, and when you felt them, so you will have a resource at hand, and ready whenever you need it.

As an experiment, try picking one of your favorite feeling experiences.  Focus on it, recall it in as much detail as you can, and blow it up like a balloon with all the positive emotion you can generate.  Notice how the way you feel changes.  Even if you have to start with a fake smile, just changing your physiology creates a space for an inner smile to emerge.

Finally, by matching up your most positive feelings with your inner most desires, you can magnetically attract more of the result you truly want.  Just try it, it really works!

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