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Dear Reader,

I finally received the illumination about what to share with you, and here I am at my desk by 7.57 AM to write this editorial!
Our working space is open, with six windows allowing the breeze to circulate throughout the house. In front of the wide-open windows, we can watch the iridescent hummingbirds urgently pecking at pink and violet flowers extracting all the nectar they can find. A giant butterfly of all colors interrupts the bacchanalia settling on one of the blooms and taking it much easier than the hectic tiny hummingbird.

On another window, a beauty of a brown-red Sitta is at work staring at his reflection in the pane, his crest fiercely upright, getting all excited since he is sure that this is a rival that must be eliminated by furiously poking at the glass.
Sometimes a toc-toc-toc in quick succession like fired from a machine-gun comes from very nearby. Grabbing the trunk of a dead tree with his feet, butting the wood with powerful pecks up to 16 times per second to open a hole, feasting on tiny insects, or creating his nest for the next generation of woodpeckers.

The wild yellow sunflowers towering over the roof of the office attract more butterflies and birds. Our team, during lunch, watches a fat iguana resting in the branches of a papaya tree, letting one leg hanging down and his soul hanging out.

Comprehensive Magazine #79, Comprehensive Magazine, surf season in Dominical Costa Rica

Now, in the afternoon, rain is resuming, and suddenly it is storming really hard (it is the beginning of the rainy season), the humid green turns even greener than it was in the sunny morning. It reminds me of the song Raindrops keep falling on my head …, because I`m free, nothing is worrying me.
We hope that at 5 PM, the rain has stopped to go for a walk with our doggies to the nearby river, which they love, and we too, just putting our feet in the fast streaming transparent water, is grounding us to Gaia or Mother Earth again.

Apart from watching nature in full display, we have been working hard today to finish another beautiful edition with more enjoyable news about our community, illustrated with lovely photography by gifted artists who love Costa Ballena as much as we do. And remember, Everything is linked for your benefit and enjoyment!urs sincerely,

Dagmar Reinhard, Editor Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide
Dagmar Reinhard, Editor
Ballena Tales Magazine and Travel Guide

Ballena Tales is an essential guide and digital comprehensive magazine for travelers, residents, and investors covering Costa Ballena in the Canton of Osa in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica. It is a fully bilingual, bi-monthly, and full-color digital magazine. 

The magazine introduces the reader to the life of the local community, with interviews of pioneers, writers, and artists, as well as extensive information on restaurants, hotels, experiences, natural attractions, and wildlife of the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

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