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Comfrey a gift from God given through nature

solda con solda, Comfrey a gift from God given through natureBy Guillermo Garcia

Comfrey is a plant known as ‘Solda con Solda’ in Spanish; it is a gift from God given through nature for those who by accident or other life circumstances have suffered a fracture or a fissure in their bones, other wounds, or physical wear over the years.

   Its scientific name is Symphytum officinale, which means “re-unite” or “reconsolidate,” and its main function in the body is to weld broken bones, stabilize loose and dislocated members, and fortify the weak and debilitated ones.

   Comfrey acts on bones, skin, and muscles; it is very useful in the healing of wounds, skin ulcers, burns, and hemorrhoids. It is rich in silicon and allantoin, the reason that it has the power to reduce pain.

    In Costa Rica, solda con solda it is used for health issues such as arthritis, strained muscles, sprains, dislocated bones, tendinitis, and bursitis. In the case of fractures, it has the power to reduce pain and speed up bone fusion. Additionally, if there is a wound in the affected area, it accelerates healing and facilitates complete recovery.

   In Costa Rica, it is found for external use in ointments and gels with a menthol and camphor base under the following names:

 • Comfrey (Solda con Solda) with zaragundi.

 •Comfrey with rosemary.

 • Comfrey forte.


Comfrey is a gift from God given through nature, with anti-inflammatory properties, the leaves are used in cataplasms or ablutions to treat fractures, bumps, sprains, external inflammations, dislocations, sprains and neuralgias. It is also useful for curing other ailments like body aches, hemorrhoids, wounds and varicose veins.

Anti-wrinkle mask:

Half cup of Comfrey root
Half a cup of plain yogurt without sugar.
Half a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil.
Thoroughly mash everything in a bowl and then smear on the skin. Let it act for half an hour or until most of the yogurt is dry. Wash and apply Aloe cream for best results.

To relieve varicose veins you can use the same mixture but adding a crushed garlic, is an effective remedy. Apply on affected skin with varicose veins, and let it act for a few minutes. Wash your skin as usual, and do exercises to stimulate circulation and strengthen your veins.


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