Climate, Mood and Environment

Climate, Mood and Environment

Author: Nicole Joss

Ojochal & Zürich, Suiza


Sure Climate, Mood and Environment are connected! We are all interested. Today no one can ignore the weather news.

Our weather apps show what’s happening here and in the intercontinental sky up to the minute.

Without looking at the weather every day, nothing is planned anymore, no excursion or event, especially no trip.

Well, what scale of the world barometer of mood are you currently at? Rather in a freezing and wintry meridian or the hot and tropical climate of Costa Rica, which is opening the skin’s pores?

I write this article from cold Switzerland. I am very familiar with the lovely and pleasant temperatures on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Long pants and a sweater from home are welcome on the first hikes in San José. The capital of Costa Rica is located in the Central Valley at an altitude of 1,170 meters and is pleasantly cool and sometimes chilly. Imagine that in 2017 it even briefly snowed in the tropical capital.

My goal is always Uvita heading to the warm South Pacific. You can already see that Costa Rica has several climatic zones in this trip of a few hours, and they all feel different. More precisely, there are three.

The tropical lowlands of the Pacific and Caribbean coasts are up to 600 meters. The plateau in the country’s interior is the Central Plateau with 800 – 1,600 m and the high mountains where among others, it shows the Cerro Chirripó with its proud 3820 meters of altitude.

Chirripó is the highest mountain in Costa Rica and the country’s highest point between Guatemala and the South American Andes. With good visibility, you can see the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea from its summit. The beautiful and rare quetzal birds are at home in the Chirripó area.

Warm clothing has become unnecessary in many areas, though it is welcome in the mountains around Chirripó since it can be freezing up there, especially at night.

The Magic at Scala Restaurant in Dominical 1

The Magic at Scala Restaurant in Dominical

Scala Restaurant & Sibú Café are located at the Escaleras Village. On the Coastal Highway, just a few kilometers South of Dominical or North of Uvita, follow the sign to Escaleras. It offers a gorgeous contour between the jungle and the sea. Village Escaleras is an all-open location with three environments with a cool breeze that blows across the terraces.

It has a hip atmosphere and soothing environment; you feel like relaxing in the midst of the jungle with the ocean showing through the tall trees. The place is so well-liked that most customers come regularly to have an early breakfast or enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner with their family, friends, or business partners. 

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The Magic Of Love Romantic Dinner at Retro Restaurant

A romantic dinner at Retro Restaurant

Retro Restaurant offered a romantic dinner to celebrate the ocassion. That night we can say that the magic of love floated in the place. To complement the decoration, the fine attention, and the special menu that Chef Jordany prepared, we had the opportunity to enjoy the songs performed by Armando Román and incredible magic acts performed by two distinguished magicians,

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui

FENG SHUI, the Chinese art of interior design, brings us success, health, and an “even” better life. Feng-Shui, literally translated as “wind-water,” is the art of living in harmony with the environment. Happiness, prosperity, and health increase. Feng-Shui teaches life in harmony with the five natural elements: earth, metal, water, wood, and fire.

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La nueva condición humana - new human condition

The New Human Condition?

A great paradox encloses the new human condition, even though so many essayists have presented us with such eloquent and diverse points of view. It only amplified this dilemma since probably the best we can comprehend is that this great paradox would be logical, and therefore, its comprehension inaccessible.  

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COVIRENAS – Protecting Biodiversity 3

COVIRENAS – Protecting Biodiversity

Osa is home to 2.5% of the world’s biodiversity. Unfortunately, it has one of the lowest human development indices in the country.
The Osa Peninsula has historically had socioeconomic conflicts that inevitably trigger environmental crimes.

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MANASSAH, the need for a change in life

Manassah is from Chicago (Illinois) and has lived in Uvita for five years. She left behind her job as a court reporter, well paid, and no less stressed in the metropolis of Chicago with a population of nearly 3 million people. The need for a change in her life was prevalent. After volunteering at the Hostel Cascada Verde in Uvita in 2009, she decided to focus on moving to Uvita permanently.

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