Citrus: Creating with Love and Passion

Chef Marcella has not only made a name for herself in the South of Costa Rica but also internationally. This year, shortly after celebrating the tenth anniversary of her famous restaurant Citrus in Ojochal, she participated in the fourth edition of the “Taste of / Goût de France” event, organized by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. The objective was to present more French restaurants in Costa Rica and in the 5 continents.

Marcella, daughter of a famous Moroccan chef, has always remained faithful to the quality, good taste and cordiality of a charismatic hostess. Her restaurant at the entrance of Ojochal has an outdoor space with a tropical garden. Citrus, elegantly decorated offers creative cuisine, based on French food with fresh Costa Rican products. Many of the dishes are engineered by the chef herself. On the menu you will find “Filet mignon with sweet and chocolate chili jelly” or try the delicious “Seafood or shrimp with wasabi sauce” dish. Desserts like the crème brûlée with Thai basil will melt in your mouth.

On the 10th anniversary the place was occupied to the last table. As part of the beautiful evening a there was a performance by a belly dancers. “In honor of my father,” said Marcella.

Ten years ago she became independent, opening Restaurant Citrus after having worked for years with the Restaurant Exotica, also in Ojochal. Her desire was to create an urban environment in the jungle, with exquisite food and cultural performances regularly take place. She participated in the “Sabor de Ojochal” Festivals. Marcella is very proud of her team that has been working with her for many years. She is also grateful to her husband Sylvain with his unconditional support and for creating the environments where she designs her dishes.

Being self-taught in oriental cuisine, at the beginning of the year she opened Umami, an Asian take-away. It was a hit from the beginning. Unfortunately shortly afterward, the establishment, together with Citrus and several others, was destroyed by a fire.

As a Phoenix rises from the ashes, the restaurant was reborn after temporarily being relocated at Marcella’s residence. Everyone is very excited about a new project around the Plaza Tangara Hotel in Ojochal: an urban shopping center. It will include among others, the new Citrus, a dentist, spa, delicatessen and a large interior patio with water games. Soon, we will inform you of all the details.

By Dagmar Reinhard

INFO: Restaurante Citrus – Tel: 2786 5175 – Cell: 8304 1717

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