From Regeneration to Sustainability 2

From Regeneration to Sustainability

~ by Chema Medina An alternative way of life Chema and Marga have been practicing sustainable and regenerative practices on top of the Coastal Range (just above the biological corridor “El Paso de la Danta”) […]

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Educating about Butterflies 3

Educating about Butterflies

~ by Melissa Jiménez Kardentey The cycle of life Both for children and adults, butterflies contain endless teachings. For example, there is a tendency to confuse worms with caterpillars, or to believe that spiders are […]

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Savegre Biosphere Reserve 4

Savegre Biosphere Reserve

~ by Jack Ewing A home for animals and humans UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere program designated the Savegre River basin and much of the surrounding area as “The Savegre Biosphere Reserve”. A truly impressive […]

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Joint actions 5

Joint actions

~ Von Rebeca Soto Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Its marine coastal resources possess a variety of life forms that attract both national and foreign visitors. They are […]

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