Red eyed frog

Reptilandia: Exotic Amphibians at the Reptile Park

Parque Reptilandia houses not only creatures from the reptile world, but also has a small exotic variety of frogs that can be seen. Some of these like our poison dart frogs, family of Dendrobatidae, are living together with snakes, turtles or lizards. The poison dart frogs do have toxins, and their bright colors warn off predators. […]

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Giant Beautiful Kapok at Hacienda Barú Wildlife Refuge

Giant Beautiful Kapok at Baru Wildlife Refuge

By Jack Ewing The most noteworthy old tree that has passed on at Hacienda Barú was an enormous old kapok or ceibo tree (Ceiba pentandra). It once dominated the skies near what is today the El Ceibo Service Station. Its familiar form, tall straight trunk and umbrella top, was a well-known landmark for travelers and […]

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Jardines del Sol

A Vibrant Community In Uvita

Located west of the Rincon in Uvita is the vibrant and modern community of Jardines del Sol. This master planned community will feature 14 titled homes, meticulously built with full block construction and tastefully finished using high-end materials. Blue Zone Coastal Developments International and Blue Zone Realty International are extremely proud of this urbanization project. In addition to the 14 titled homes, there will be a remarkable 6700m2 of green space for our residents to enjoy.

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Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica feels like home. For me, it is the focus on family, the sense of community, warmth of the people and the beauty of the land. It is also the meaningful friendships we have made here with people from all over the world. I began to wonder, why do other expats come here? To […]

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The Flutterby House at the beach

~ by Jordan Gill The Flutterby House at the beach If you haven’t been to the Flutterby House in a while, then you’re in for a treat during your next visit. After recently celebrating their 8th anniversary, and completing weeks of major renovations, Flutterby has entered the New Year with a fresh upgraded look. It […]

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