Moving to Costa Rica Mudanza a Costa Rica

Expat: Moving to Costa Rica

Thousands of expats consider Costa Rica their home. With affordable living, beautiful terrain and the excitement found in adventure activities, it’s no wonder that people love the ‘Pura Vida’ lifestyle found here. Bringing Your Life to Costa Rica. If you have already had time to speak to a realtor and found a home in Costa […]

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sustainable living in Costa Rica el fuego Brew

Fuego Brew Co.’s Mission

At Fuego Brew Co., in Dominical, drinking responsibly is your choice but operating responsibly is ours. The mission is not only provide fresh artisan beer & food, but to create a correlation between craft beer and the eco-sustainability movement. From the brewery’s water treatment systems, to the recycling of bi-product and using eco-friendly products we […]

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Eden Team

Eden Adventure Hostel and Community Center in Uvita

Eden Adventure Hostel and Community Center is a new project located in the old Badilla Cancha synthetica soccer field in Bahia Uvita. Mr Badilla built for the community in 2013, but it was closed down last year. The new tenants Kelvin Vasquez and Doug Davis hope that the latest use of the facility will have […]

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Kakü means hospitality

~ by Carlos León Kakü means hospitality in Cabécar language (Kabekwa) The Cabécares are a Costa Rican autochthonous ethnic group. They are one of the most culturally diverse societies in Costa Rica because they still practice most of their traditional daily activities; for example, natural medicine, dances, hunting, fishing, their own religion, and native language. […]

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