Black & Green Tree Chickens

~ by Jack EwingIn the mid 1970s on a trip to Hacienda Barú with my 10 year old daughter, Natalie, a green iguana ran across the rough gravel road. “Oh my god Daddy, what was that horrible […]

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The Gentle Giants of Parque Reptilandia 1

The Gentle Giants of Parque Reptilandia

~ by Roel de PleckerParque Reptilandia is home to a big variety of native and exotic species. One of these exotic species is our African spurred tortoises (Centrochelys sulcata). They are Africa’s largest mainland tortoises with a carapace length […]

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reptilandia reptiles park

Langka: A Very Special Dragon

~ by Roel De Plecker We proudly announce a very rare event that took place at the park: our Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) named Langka, the only one in Central America, laid her first eggs […]

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Life After 100 Years

~ by Oscar Brenes The Galapagos, an archipelago belonging to Ecuador, famous islands for the unique wildlife that inhabits it, are the basis for the study of the evolution of species by Charles Darwin. One of the iconic animals […]

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What to do if we found a snake at home?

Texto & Fotos: Cesar Barrio Amorós All that inhabit in Costa Ballena enjoyed a privileged life in communion with nature. However, even nature lovers detest certain bugs, including spiders, large insects and especially snakes. But what to […]

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Glass Frogs in Costa Ballena 2

Glass Frogs in Costa Ballena

By César Barrio Amorós A type of frog not very well known is the glass frog. Glass frogs are small and very beautiful; they are an important addition to my night tours, mainly because they […]

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