Humpbacks Whales, Acrobatic and Powerful joyful giants

Humpbacks Whales, joyful giants

The humpbacks whales, joyful giants, using their massive flukes (tail fins), they propel themselves through the water. Regularly, they catapult their 40 tons of body weight completely out of the water, landing with a tremendous splash. 

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The Whale Resort, Peninsula de Osa, Pacifico Sur, Costa Rica

The Whale Resort

By Michael Fox There is so much to see and do on the Osa Peninsula. It is a refuge for a large diversity of flora and fauna. There is an abundance of marine life, including dolphins, whale sharks, and huge humpback whales. The humpback whales take three-month journeys from Alaska and the Antarctic. They are […]

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Whale and dolphins watching tour, Marino Ballena Nationalpark

Love of Whale in Costa Rica

~ by Carlos León How does a male humpback whale (also called a “bull”) ensure the survival of his species, if the females copulate with several other males, and go out and about through great distances in the ocean? Between July and October, the warm waters of the Costa Rican South Pacific welcome some very […]

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About Pineapple Tours

In 2006, Nego (Manuel Mora) from beautiful Dominical and Rachel Wirostek from New York started their venture Pineapple Kayak Tours and SUP. Both are avid kayakers, stand up paddlers, and nature lovers. They want to share their passion for water and nature with you, so you can get the best insight of Costa Rica during […]

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Pineapple Tours, Kayak & SUP team

All of our guides are Local (from the Costa Ballena Area), Certified by ICT (Costa Rican Tourism Board), along with hundreds of hours of other certifications and extremely passionate about what they do. MANUEL MORA (“NEGO”): From Dominical, owner and Head of Maintenance. He is also the muscle of this company. He acts as a […]

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