Savegre Biosphere Reserve 1

Savegre Biosphere Reserve

~ by Jack Ewing A home for animals and humans UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere program designated the Savegre River basin and much of the surrounding area as “The Savegre Biosphere Reserve”. A truly impressive […]

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Villas Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary

Rehabilitate and Release

~ by Licda. Dannia Segura Jiménez At the Wildlife Sanctuary we have a very clear mission: rescue, rehabilitate and release. With these principles in mind this project was created more than two years ago, and […]

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D.A.W.G. is Love 2

D.A.W.G. is Love

~ by Shawnell ParkerYou show your dog love in many ways. You feed him, walk and play with him, groom and tickle him and act like a complete, shameless fool to amuse him. You sleep with him and […]

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The waterworld of Parque Reptilandia 3

The waterworld of Parque Reptilandia

~ by Roel De PleckerBesides the large variety of lizards and snakes, our park also houses a diverse collection of turtles, one of which is the Madagascar big-headed turtle (Erymnochelys madagascariensis). This species is highly endangered and even hardly […]

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Slow down! Animals Crossing The Road -Osa,Costa Ballena- Ballena Tales

Slow down! Animals Crossing The Road

~ by Loyal ClarkeAt Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, our number one goal is to get the animals back to their native habitats. Sadly, that is not always possible due to injuries from which the animals cannot fully recover. The […]

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