Blue Cotinga Birdwatching Spicies, Avistamiento de especies de aves Cotinga

Birdwatching Cotingas Species: From White to Blue

Among the beautiful birds in Costa Rica, the cotingas deserve the name of South Pacific jewels. Their name derives from the term tupí-guaraní Catingá which was used to refer to the birds that by their colors shone in the forest. Cotingas belong to a family of birds of which Costa Rica has eight species, four […]

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Blutmond,Totale Mondfinsternis

Blood moon – Total lunar eclipse

By Celine Weber For the first time in Costa Rica and we were already allowed to be part of such a fantastic experience. Even though we hoped to see a more colouring moon and some clouds blocked our view in the meantime, it was an unforgettable evening for us. Outside in the garden under the […]

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Dominical Beach Paved Street Calle pavimentada playa

Paved Street in Dominical Beach

While some will long for the days of dirt roads, much of the town feels this upgrade is overdue and is excited for what the change will bring in the high season. Dominical now has a paved road leading from the main entrance down to ICE. A once sleepy surf town at the end of […]

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Costa Ballena, Osa

Costa Ballena is a tourist destination formed by the connection of three beautiful villages in the canton of Osa: Dominical, Uvita and Ojochal on the South Pacific of Costa Rica. These coastal communities have a number of features that produce an interconnected tourist destination, ranking as one of the most promising tourist regions of Costa Rica.

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Pre-Columbian Rock Art at the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor Arte rupestre precolombino del Corredor Biológico Alexander Skutch

Pre-Columbian Rock Art at the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor

During the month of July, the division of Community Rural Tourism of the Association of Women of the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor, received the archeologist Iphigenia Quintanilla, recognized for her research on pre-Columbian stone spheres. Near her, we visited special places in the community of Santa Elena where we found rock art engraved in stone, […]

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Ojochal preservation, nature preservacion pasión

Tropical Paradise in Ojochal: Passion for Preservation

Ojochal is the idyllic fantasy of a community where mountains, sea and friendly people are intertwined in a single space. Named for the abundance of the native tree “the eye of the tropical forest,” its most notorious feature is the forest cover that surrounds this particular community of the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. […]

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