The Borucans ~ People of survivors

~ by Susie Atkinson The Boruca Indian history contains some very hard chapters.  Through the long duration of the Spanish conquest, they did not give up! The Diquis region (southern border of Costa Ballena) became an important […]

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YABASUJKRA - Osa, Uvita, Costa Ballena, Pacifico Sur - Ballena Tales


~ by Kurandenk (Huella del Jaguar / The Jaguar’s footprint)People from Boruca have many beliefs, and the stories, legends, and myths are part of our lives. Among such beliefs, there is the respect for nature. We know […]

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Pre-Columbian times in Boruca - Osa, Uvita, Costa Ballena - Ballena Tales

Pre-Columbian times in Boruca

~ by Susie AtkinsonThe Diquís delta, just south of Costa Ballena, is one of the most important deltas of Central America from the biological and cultural perspective. We will discuss the cultural aspect. “Diquís” in the native dialect of the Teribe […]

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