boruca patrimonio cultural indigenas indigeneous people

Boruca: Cultural Heritage

The cultural heritage of a nation or region is not solely composed of monuments and museum collections, but also of living intangible expressions inherited from our ancestors and passed on to our descendants. The definition […]

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The Borucans ~ People of survivors

~ by Susie Atkinson The Boruca Indian history contains some very hard chapters.  Through the long duration of the Spanish conquest, they did not give up! The Diquis region (southern border of Costa Ballena) became an important […]

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Happy Tourists 1

Happy Tourists

~ by Susie AtkinsonIn Costa Ballena, we are at the height of the tourism season from Christmas to Easter. For people wanting to escape the snow and freezing cold, where is best place to go? The tropics! Whale […]

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Boruca Gallery Gift Shop

Boruca Gallery Gift Shop~ by Susie AtkinsonLooking for a unique souvenir of your trip to Costa Rica – something that is a true representation of the local folklore and does not have that “Made in China” stamp on […]

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The Boruca Little Devils’Gam

The Boruca Little Devils’ Game

By Cristhian González Gómez The Boruca Little Devils’Gam is a ceremony, which takes place between December 30 and January 2, originally named Cagbrúˇ rójc (1) in Brunca language, and known as “The little devils’ game” […]

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Life in 14th Century Paradise 2

Life in 14th Century Paradise

~ by Susan Atkinson I would think the readers would be interested in learning about other indigenous people in Costa Rica. Although it does not pertain to the Southern zone, it does make a comparison […]

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