Happy Holidays Felices fiestas

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! What does that mean? The holidays represent distinctive celebrations for different people. Both Canada and the US have their historical Thanksgivings commemorating the beginnings of their nations, giving thanks for the good harvest […]

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The Borucans ~ People of survivors 1

The Borucans ~ People of survivors

~ by Susie Atkinson The Boruca Indian history contains some very hard chapters.  Through the long duration of the Spanish conquest, they did not give up! The Diquis region (southern border of Costa Ballena) became an important […]

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Homage to Doña Elba Montero Marín - Osa, Costa Ballena, Uvita

Homage to Doña Elba Montero Marín

~ by Dagmar ReinhardLess than 50 years ago, Bahía Uvita was an isolated area difficult to access. Its history is linked to Mr. Cai Cruz and the aluminum producer Alcoa. In 1962, Cai Cruz owned Hacienda Bahía […]

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