Mosaic Restaurant Uvita


  MOSAIC WINE BAR and SUSHI AUTHOR: CASEY SIEMASKO Humans aren’t very logical creatures. Sure, we like to pretend we’re rational beings. But as it turns out, our emotions drive more than 80% of our […]

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cambio de color - change color

Do it yourself, change color in your home

The best way to receive the New Year is to change color in our homes, rooms, businesses, or any other space.
Changing color can lead to a transformation of the aesthetic and psychological situation. Through colors, we can alternate our mood and even improve behaviors.

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Environment Garbage Beach Playa Osa Basura Medio ambiente

Environment: Cleaning the Canton of Osa

The volunteers who participated in the recent Beach Cleanups along Costa Ballena enthusiastically agreed that they were incredibly interesting actions: «We collaborated with a meritorious initiative, met new beaches and roads, made friends and enjoyed delicious meals […]

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