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Lunch With Culture

~ by Susie Atkinson Want to experience something different? Try having lunch with our local native indigenous people, the Borucans. You can do this with a doable day trip to Boruca (see our website for directions, The Borucans are mostly […]

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Sensations are what truly counts 1

Sensations are what truly counts

by Dagmar Reinhard Fitness trainers Jesús and Maryori are powerfull partners, who have a reputation of living what they preach. As cutting-edge personal development trainers in Costa Ballena, they are teaching the way to healthy […]

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What to eat? 3

What to eat?

By Corey Walker What to eat? Possibly, this was the first spoken question because of its intimate connection to survival.    It may have been shortened due to immediate hunger and lack of sentence structure, becoming […]

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The Moringa “Tree of Life,”

The moringa, called Tree of Life, grows four to five meters high, and the roots, leaves, seeds, fruits, flowers, bark, and pods offer many medicinal benefits. by Guillermo García Moringa: science has confirmed its favorable […]

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