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Look Good and Feel Good

Feeling good and looking good are both very important. Helping people #LookGood and #FeelGood is a very satisfactory line of work. Many people seek consultation because of different  signs of aging like wrinkles, deep creases,sun spots, skin laxity or sagging skin, even skin lesions. All of these conditions have different types of treatment options. Some […]

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Maracuya Street Food & Cocktail Bar

Restaurant Maracuya: Street Food & Cocktail Bar

Maracuya “Street Food & Cocktail Bar” (formerly La Casona) has all the flavor and color of a “trendy” restaurant. The attractive décor is pleasantly surprising with comfortable, relaxing sofas and a large terrace to observe the passers-by. The menu offers “Street Food”, which means a gourmet version of fast food served in food trucks and […]

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Young chef man

GastroPub Batsú & Panes La Estrella

A delicious place in Perez Zeledon Sous-chef Anthony To find a GastroPub in the magnificent Chirripo’s mountain skirts was quite a surprise. Meeting David, the owner of the successful establishment along with his large family, was another. “GastroPub” is an innovative business concept where haute cuisine tapas are served at affordable prices. On this occasion […]

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Golden Paste

~ by Dagmar Reinhard A turmeric-based golden paste has many healing anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and antifungal properties. It is used in humans and domestic animals. Turmeric comes from Asia, and it grows happily in our orchards, and reproduces abundantly. Its rhizomes (underground horizontally growing stems that on one side produce aboveground vertical branches, and on the […]

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Coconut Milk

This column promotes a healthy lifestyle by showcasing locally grown products easily found at nearby famers markets. In this edition, we will be highlighting the benefits of coconuts and how to make coconut milk.  ~ by Luba Niko Welcome to Fresh at the Feria! The coconut is a world-renowned superfood that is delicious and nutritious. […]

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Food and Beverages, cheese, meat, fish, liquor and tobacco stores.

Lunch With Culture

~ by Susie Atkinson Want to experience something different? Try having lunch with our local native indigenous people, the Borucans. You can do this with a doable day trip to Boruca (see our website for directions, www.borucacostarica.org). The Borucans are mostly self-sufficient in that they grow most of their produce, beans, corn and fruits, as well as raise their chickens and pigs. Everything […]

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