Goat farm, Aprisco Hortensia Familia Morales, leche de cabras

Aprisco La Hortensia – A Goat Tale

about the benefits of goat’s milk: It has a lower content of casein and is hypo-allergenic milk. When it reaches the large intestine it helps in the development of the probiotic flora. Thanks to its high content of essential fatty acids it can decrease the total cholesterol and triglycerides levels, reduce high transaminases (GOT and GPT) and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

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Vitamin C Megadosis Megadosis de Vitamina C cancer

Vitamin C Megadosis

The hypothesis of the use of vitamin C for cancer treatment arose for the first time in the 50s. This therapy with high doses of intravenous vitamin C, came to be revealed at the end […]

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feel good look good sentirse bien verse bien

Look Good and Feel Good

Feeling good and looking good are both very important. Helping people #LookGood and #FeelGood is a very satisfactory line of work. Many people seek consultation because of different  signs of aging like wrinkles, deep creases,sun […]

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Young chef man

GastroPub Batsú & Panes La Estrella

A delicious place in Perez Zeledon Sous-chef Anthony To find a GastroPub in the magnificent Chirripo’s mountain skirts was quite a surprise. Meeting David, the owner of the successful establishment along with his large family, […]

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Golden Paste

~ by Dagmar Reinhard A turmeric-based golden paste has many healing anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and antifungal properties. It is used in humans and domestic animals. Turmeric comes from Asia, and it grows happily in our orchards, […]

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