Reticulated Python

Giant Snakes at Reptilandia

We all hear stories and see fake photos on social media about the enormous snakes that slither around in the world’s tropics, snakes that swallow whole cows and are lifted by huge cranes. Well, I […]

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SUSTAINABILITY at El Fuego Brewery Dominical

South Pacific Costa Rica Magazine and Travel Guide, Ballena Tales Issue #61

More and more tourists fall in love with the exuberant green of nature and the deep blue of the ocean that distinguishes the South Pacific destination in Costa Rica. This has added a great responsibility for those who live in this paradise: SUSTAINABILITY. This new edition is dedicated to sharing with you the efforts that are being carried out to protect our beaches, rivers and the environment and related contributions are evident throughout the magazine.

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Welcome Migratory Birds! 1

Welcome Migratory Birds!

~ by Susana García Arrival of the Migratory Birds at the Costa Ballena  During the months of August and September, I always have my eyes on the sky, the sand of the beaches and the […]

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